Dorje Yoga

the spirit of eastern tradition

The Dorje is an auspicious symbol representing unlimited energetic potential from the Himalayan tradition of Yoga. Dorje Yoga embodies a process of growth and transformation which is reflected through increased strength, endurance, stamina, enthusiasm, and mental clarity.

Dorje Yoga is a powerful multifaceted system which incorporates a logical and intelligent placement of āsana, vinyāsa, prāṇāyāma, mudras, mantras, and directed awareness to produce an extraordinary experience that unlocks the full benefits of Yoga practice. Feel the difference through Dorje Yoga’s precision-based formula for energetic sequencing. 

Discover the abundance of techniques that Dorje Yoga has to offer. Expand your awareness with the wisdom of Yoga theory to connect to your practice like never before. Explore these 3 pathways to experience the incredibly transformative power of Dorje Yoga in your practice and life!