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Dare to Inspire



Online & 
In-person Classes

Join us in-person in Albuquerque, New Mexico

At Nirguna Yoga: Monday 6 pm &
Sundays 4 pm
At Chuze Fitness (Coors and Central):
Thursdays 8:30 am
At Desert Lotus Yoga: Tuesday 7:15 pm

Join our virtual community!

 Participants benefit from being brought together as a virtual community. We even enjoy some after-class conversations as you might expect in a yoga studio.

Join us! 

Online classes are donation-based. (requested minimum is $7 to drop in)

We also offer package deals that include the album of weekly recorded classes.

New Online Schedule

Coming Soon!


Our Mission

Dorje yoga is committed to building a fearless and compassionate community of Yoga practitioners. We have developed a powerful method that produces optimal strength of body, flexibility of mind, and clarity of spirit. 

Start your yoga

journey here

We offer group, private, in-person, and online training programs. We can customize a program for you, your studio, or gym.

Dorje Yoga

Feel the difference through Dorje Yoga’s precision-based formula for energetic sequencing. 

About Us

Ignite Your Inner Fire

Since its inception in 2005, Yogis On Fire has upheld its mission to share their passion for Yoga and the Eastern tradition with the world. We strive to provide the most authentic yoga everywhere we teach and present to help practitioners uncover the depths of personal growth and development through time-honored training techniques. Join us on a journey to ignite the flames of transformation by empowering the mind, body, and spirit.

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Jessie and Shawn are authentic, humble and amazing!!! I've been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and they are my favorite teachers!!

If you aren’t being challenged by your practice, ask yourself why not. Then set yourself on fire with yogis on fire 😍

These guys are amazing! They will transform your yoga practice...whether you are looking to learn yoga, advance your physical practice, or deepen your practice they can guide you.

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