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Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique (MIST)

Through the use of cutting-edge principles of kinesiology and physiology, integrated with the ancient Vedic understanding of deep inner-personal growth, comes a scientific approach to physical and mental development towards rapid conscious and spiritual evolution. Explore the limitless potential of freedom and creativity in your practice from this state-of-the-art sequencing technology for the ancient yogic arts. MIST can be applied to any beginner Yoga sequence to the most advanced Yoga practice. Allow the MIST to ignite the flames of transformation to enhance personal development and unlock your fullest potential.

Fire Flow
dynamic vinyasa flow

Build internal heat with strengthening dynamic movement and keep the flame burning with static holds for balance and endurance.

Empowerment Flow
Balanced Multidirectional vinyasa 

Arm and leg strengthening combined with counterbalancing arm and leg stretches interwoven with handstand prep work, unique transitions and turns on the mat.

Definitive Energetic Enhancement Practice

Basic asana/poses combined with powerful internal work to cultivate vitality by uniting pranayama (breath) with bandhas (internal engagements) to direct energetic current and flow.

Flight of the Yogi
inversions & arm balancing

Develop the courage to execute inversions, arm balances and arm balance transitions. Unfold your inner strength and propel yourself to greater heights.

Fusion of the Elements
Multidirectional Cross-mat vinyasa

Break through the barriers with this incredibly unique practice devoted to the 4 directions. Blend the dynamics of Fire flow, the static bliss of DEEP, interwoven with challenging inversions, arm balances, the vitality of supportive pranayamas conducted on 2 mats fixed in a cross pattern to unlock your maximum creativity and freedom of expression.

Enter the Mandala:
the Ultimate Yoga Experience

Unite body, breath, and mind with the 360 degree cross-mat ceremonial experience. The ultimate practice which incorporates a logical and intelligent placement of āsana, vinyāsa, pranayama, mudras, mantras, and directed awareness to produce a seamless multidirectional inspirational flow. Create a mandala with your practice and celebrate the merits of empowerment as an offering to the benefit of all living beings.

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