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Looking to expand your understanding of Yoga both on and off the mat? When the theory of Yoga is interwoven within your practice, a fantastic experience occurs giving you increased awareness into the process of transformation, taking your practice to the next level. Gain the knowledge to connect to your practice with any of our Yogis On Fire workshops, time tested to deliver superior results to unlock the hidden potential found deep inside.

Fusion of the Elements
The Science of Energetic Practice Series

Create the conditions to generate the Architecture of Energetic Symmetry within your Yoga practice. Develop limitless potential when freedom and creativity unite through principles of kinesiology and physiology. The Fusion of the Elements Workshop Series will evolve your practice and forever change the way you think about Yoga with these 4 highly unique class formats. 

Fire Flow

Empowerment Flow

[DEEP]-The Definitive Energetic Enhancement Practice

Fusion of the Elements: Multidirectional Cross-mat Practice

Flight of the Yogi

Strengthen your physical practice while cultivating spirit and grace. This specially designed workshop provides the tools to instill confidence to lift off and take flight. Gain the technical ability to access various inversions, arm balance poses and their transitions in a highly encouraging, low stress environment. The perfect practice for any beginner to the most advanced asana practitioner.

Armbalancing Basics

Advanced Armbalancing Transitions



Yoga Teaching Essentials 

Go beyond simple class formats and mere repetition of predetermined sequencing. Develop your own beautifully balanced and challenging classes by applying the Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique which translates into profound practices on the mat.

Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers

Alignments and Assists

Intro to the MIST: elemental sequencing

The Anatomy of Advanced Sequencing

Enter the Mandala: 
the Ultimate Yoga Experience

(the complete 3 hour Yoga practice)

Experience the powerfully transformative cross-mat Mandala Sadhana. Unite the elements of āsana, vinyāsa, pranayama, mudras, mantras, and meditation in this extended multidirectional flow guaranteed to unlock the fullest expression of your Yoga practice. Create a mandala of energetic symmetry within your practice to celebrate the merits of empowerment as an offering for the benefit of all living beings. Explore the depths of your physical, mental, and spiritual foundations. 

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