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Teacher Training

Take a journey through self-discovery

Obtain the skills necessary in becoming a professional Yoga teacher. The Dorje Yoga teacher training program helps students evolve into capable and knowledgeable instructors as well as aspiring yogis. Students are immersed in āsana, prāṇāyāma, mudras, Ayurveda, and marma theory, as well as the ethics, physiology, anatomy, philosophy, psychology, and business of yoga.

The program fosters an atmosphere of deep learning and growth. Trainees benefit from a close teacher-student relationship which encourages pupils to develop their higher nature. With extensive hands-on assistance and abundant opportunities to practice teaching, the Dorje Yoga curriculum guides and prepares you to become a skilled and confident teacher able to succeed in any setting.

Through the Dorje Yoga school, learn to fully awaken your inner light so that you may be able to ignite the internal spark of inspiration within others. Take a journey through self-discovery, immerse yourself in Yoga philosophy, and awaken your dormant potential through knowledge and practice!

50-hr Foundations
the transformative power of personal practice

Not interested in being a teacher, but still want to get the benefits of an in-depth experience? Maybe you want to gain a better understanding of your practice before you start the teacher training process. Build your practice from the ground up! Strengthen your knowledge through the wisdom of practice with any of these 7 day, 50 hour intensives.





Ryt-200 Teacher Training
YA approved RYT-200 hour program

The Dorje Yoga 200 hour teacher training program prepares students to be capable and knowledgeable teachers of Yoga as well as aspiring Yogis.

The 200 hour program topics include:

Foundations of Asana

The Science of Sequencing

Anatomy, Physiology, & Kinesiology

Techniques of Teaching

History and Philosophy of Yoga

Ayurveda and the Vedic Sciences

The Yoga of Business

and so much more!!!

Ryt-300 Advanced Training
YA approved RYT-300 hour Advanced program

Broaden your knowledge and skills as a professional Yoga teacher with the Dorje Yoga 300 hour advanced teacher training.

The 300 hour advanced program includes:

Part I – The Foundations of asana/vinyasa, advanced sequencing, and Yogic lifestyle

Part II – Science of Sadhana - Traditional Ayurvedic Principles & Integration with Yoga practice

Part III – Raja Yoga: Joy and the Return to Bliss

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